…And Then There Were Five

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Each year, thanks to your generosity and commitment to advancing science without harming animals, NAVS awards a grant to the International Foundation for Ethical Research (IFER) to fund Graduate Student Fellowships for the next generation of researchers who are developing and using human-relevant methodologies that can spare animal suffering. 

IFER was founded by NAVS nearly four decades ago to support student scientists developing alternatives to the use of animals in biomedical research, safety testing and education. Since that time, we have provided funding for exciting, human-relevant research projects, supporting scientists from around the world working in diverse areas of research.

This past spring, IFER received 25 pre-proposal applications for its 2022-23 Graduate Student Fellowship for Alternatives to the Use of Animals in Science. After carefully reviewing each pre-proposal, IFER’s Scientific Advisory Board narrowed down the field of applicants to five.

IFER’s Scientific Advisory Board is now reviewing the full proposals from these five finalists, who are

working on a wide range of innovative, human-relevant research projects using cell-based models for conditions including pancreatic cancer, sepsis, blood clots induced by COVID-19, corneal wound healing, and the study of disease and treatment during pregnancy. These cell-based models are promising replacements for the animal models researchers currently rely on.

Grant recipients will be announced in [MONTH]. In the meantime, please visit the NAVS website to see and hear from the current fellowship recipients developing human-relevant methodologies to replace animal experiments.


Our ability to support outstanding graduate students dedicated to developing animal-free alternatives is limited only by our available funding. Please consider making a
donation today to help NAVS and IFER continue funding smarter, human-relevant science that does not harm animals.