Gallup Poll Shows Promise for Animals

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For more than two decades, the annual Values and Beliefs survey conducted by Gallup has been tracking the feelings of the American public on a range of issues, including a topic very important to NAVS: how Americans feel about medical testing on animals.

The newest poll results show something very promising for animals—many more Americans feel that medical testing on animals is morally wrong today compared to when the poll was first published in 2001. This year, 43% of Americans felt that medical testing on animals is morally wrong compared to just 26% in 2001.

On the flip side, 52% of Americans now view medical testing on animals as “morally acceptable,” down from 65% in 2001.

The results from 2022 are consistent with poll findings from last year, which showed that 52% of Americans viewed medical testing on animals as “morally acceptable” and 44% viewed it as morally wrong.

Changes in public perception on animal issues have even been noticed by U.S. governmental agencies, like the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), which recently recognized in its strategic plan framework document that “Public perceptions around animal welfare and wildlife in society are evolving,” noting that more people are interested in animal welfare than ever before—which is very encouraging to hear.

While NAVS is optimistic about the overall trend and shift in public perception that has taken place over the last 20 years, we have noticed that progress appears to be slowing down and even leveling out a bit in recent times. Perhaps this is because of the extraordinary job that those in the animal protection community have made in calling out the cruelty and inefficacy of animal experiments. The “other side” can see what a great case we are making and is trying to push back, with the support of the multi-billion-dollar animal research industry that has a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. Therefore, it is critical that we remain as committed as ever in achieving victories for animals and to continue to advocate for the animals used in research who are unable to speak for themselves.  Let’s work hard together to keep this trendline moving in the right direction and continue to build the momentum to end animal experimentation once and for all!