Happy kids holding beagle

Why Your Donation Matters

Your generous gift today will:

  • Rescue and Rehabilitate: Provide immediate and essential medical care, spay/neuter procedures, and rehabilitation for animals freed from research labs, ensuring they receive the best chance at a healthy, happy life.
  • Support Safe Havens: Fund the NAVS Animal Sanctuary Assistance Program, which offers crucial financial aid to sanctuaries dedicated to caring for former research animals, giving them the care and comfort they deserve.
  • Promote Compassionate Laws: Propel our advocacy efforts to secure humane legislation that protects animals from cruel experimentation and ensures their well-being post-research.
  • Complete the Circle of Compassion: Ensure that every animal rescued from a lab finds a loving, permanent home, thus fulfilling our mission to end animal suffering and promote humane science.

Act Now

By donating today, you do more than just contribute financially—you become a vital part of a compassionate movement dedicated to ending animal testing and providing sanctuary to former research animals. Your support helps us rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome these animals, advocating for a future where no animal suffers in the name of science.

Thank you for your commitment to a more humane and ethical approach to science. Together, we can build a future where every animal is treated with compassion and respect.

Your Compassionate Support Saves Lives

Thank you for joining our mission to provide a second chance at life for animals freed from research labs. Your generous support of the National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS) directly contributes to rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming these deserving animals. Together, we can ensure they receive the compassionate care they need and deserve, creating a future where no animal has to endure the hardships of experimentation.