NAVS and Beagle Freedom Project – Together We’re Making a Difference

BFP OKrescue Feb24 CROP

We’re thrilled to share a heartening milestone in our ongoing commitment to providing vital assistance to sanctuaries. NAVS has proudly awarded a $25,000 grant to Beagle Freedom Project (BFP), a beacon of hope for animals subjected to laboratory research.

This grant will directly support the medical care of over 200 dogs and cats rescued from a now-closed animal testing laboratory in Nowata, Oklahoma. These animals, once confined to a life of testing, will now find sanctuary within the compassionate embrace of Freedom Fields, a rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption center established by BFP on the very grounds that once represented their captivity.

Our contribution will provide these animals with essential vaccines, spay/neuter procedures, and immediate medical assistance—vital steps in their journey towards healing and finding forever homes.

The closure of the 30-acre property and facilities where these animals were once held not only marks a monumental victory for animal welfare but also signifies the end of one-third of the flea and tick testing industry in the United States. This achievement underscores the powerful impact of collaboration between organizations like NAVS and BFP, united in the mission to end animal experimentation.

The NAVS Animal Sanctuary Assistance Program (ASAP) was designed precisely for moments like this—to offer immediate support to rescue groups and sanctuaries engaged in the critical work of saving, rehabilitating, and rehoming survivors of animal experimentation. This grant to BFP embodies the essence of the ASAP program, showcasing how NAVS can swiftly respond to the needs of animals in distress, thanks to the generous support of our donors.

This victory for animal welfare is a reminder of the difference we can make together. As we celebrate this achievement, let us also acknowledge the ongoing need for support. Your donations enable NAVS to continue providing urgent assistance to animals in need and to support initiatives that promote humane, innovative science.

Thank you for standing with us in this noble endeavor. Together, we are making a world of difference for animals in need.