Assisting Sanctuary Animals

A New Name to Meet Sanctuaries' Growing Needs

The NAVS Sanctuary Fund has a new name—but not a new purpose—to better describe our work to help rescue animals.

For nearly 35 years, NAVS has partnered with sanctuaries, shelters and animal rescues in need of vital assistance. We’ve responded to natural disasters, provided emergency medical care, and—most importantly—been there to help these sanctuaries receive and care for animals coming out of medical research laboratories.

None of that is going to change.

To better reflect the scope and purpose of our sanctuary partnership efforts, however, the “Sanctuary Fund” is now the NAVS Animal Sanctuary Assistance Program.

Why the shift? Simply put, the new name just makes more sense. A “fund” is passive—it conjures up images of a bank account, sitting dormant, waiting for someone to make a withdrawal request.

The NAVS Animal Sanctuary Assistance Program is anything but passive. In fact, the urgency is right there in the new name—ASAP. With more and more animals being released and removed from research labs (due in no small part to the growing number of post-research adoption laws being passed around the country), the need to rehome these animals has never been greater. And with those relocations comes increased financial need. NAVS actively reaches out to sanctuaries of all sizes that are receiving former research animals and works closely with them to provide essential funding to aid in the transition and ongoing care of their new residents.

Calling it a “fund” also puts an unnecessary limitation on how much support we can provide to sanctuaries: If it’s not in the “fund,” it can’t be used. The NAVS Animal Sanctuary Assistance Program now has no such limitations or restrictions. If the need is there, NAVS is there. Period.

Of course, emergencies still happen. And sanctuaries and shelters continue to reach out to NAVS for urgent aid. Be assured that when they do, the NAVS Animal Sanctuary Assistance Program will still be there to step in and help, ASAP.

NOTE:  Effective October 1, 2022, the restricted nature of NAVS’ sanctuary assistance program is being removed. Donations received from that date forward will not be restricted solely to sanctuary efforts. Instead, they will be used to provide organizational and programmatic support where it is most appropriate—including, but not limited to, sanctuaries.

All funds solicited and received specifically in support of the NAVS Sanctuary Fund prior to October 1, 2022, will continue to be used exclusively for sanctuary assistance efforts.