Make a Difference for Animals!

Thank you for joining NAVS in recognizing World Week for Animals in Laboratories!

This week serves as an annual reminder of the many animals--often forgotten, often needlessly suffering--who are confined in laboratory cages right now. Nearly 800,000 animals (according to the most recent U.S. government animal use data), were used for research, testing, teaching or experimentation.

How You Can Help Today

  • Please watch and share our new video made specifically for World Week for Animals in Laboratories.
  • Help spread awareness by sharing important animal testing statistics:
    • Nearly 800,000 Animal Welfare Act-covered animals were used for research, testing, teaching and experimentation in 2019*—an increase of 2.2% from the previous year. (SHARE)
    • Close to 70,000 nonhuman primates were used for research, testing, teaching or experimentation—8.5% of the total animals used in 2019. (SHARE)
    • In 2019 more than 40,000 nonhuman primates were bred, conditioned, or held for use in teaching, testing, experiments, research or surgery but not used for such purposes.
    • The Animal Welfare Act does NOT cover mice, fish, rats or birds – together making up as many as 100 million additional animals. These “uncounted” animals are estimated to be 95% of ALL animals used in science. (SHARE)
    • Because of their friendly demeanor, beagles are the most used dog breed in animal testing. (SHARE)
    • The overwhelming majority—as many as 90-95%—of experiments that “work” on animals are unsuccessful in human trials. (SHARE)

(*2019 is the most recent year for which animal use statistics are available)

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Take Action

Each year, countless animals—particularly mice, rats and rabbits—are subjected to cruel, archaic and unnecessary cosmetics safety testing. The Humane Cosmetics Act of 2021, currently being considered in Congress, will end (with limited exceptions) the manufacture, import and sale in the U.S. of cosmetics developed using animal testing. Reliable, non-animal safety tests are available—NOW is the time to finally pass the Humane Cosmetics Act!

  • Contact your U.S. representative and urge them to support this bill here.
  • Check and see if your home state has similar legislation to support now.

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