Thank you for joining NAVS in recognizing World Week for Animals in Laboratories!

There are animals confined in laboratory cages right now. More than 780,000 animals (according to the most recent U.S. government animal use data), were used for testing, experimentation or subjected to experiments.

On this page you will find many great resources showing what you can do to help, along with the various ways in which NAVS is fighting for animals being subjected to harmful experiments in the name of science.

In addition, you’ll find tools to keep you up to date and informed on the many ways that you can help continue the fight on behalf of these animals who are so often forgotten, and who are needlessly suffering, all year long.


How You Can Help Today

  • Please watch and share our video, “3 Reasons to End Animal Experimentation Now.”
  • Help spread awareness by sharing important animal testing statistics:
    • More than 780,000 Animal Welfare Act-covered animals were used for research, testing, teaching and experimentation in 2018—an increase of 6% from the previous year.
    • Nonhuman primates accounted for 10% of animals used for research, testing, teaching and experimentation –over 70,000. This represented a 12% increase from the previous year.
    • In 2018 over 35,000 primates were bred, conditioned, or held for use in teaching, testing, experiments, research or surgery but NOT used for such purposes.
    • The Animal Welfare Act does NOT cover mice, fish, rats or birds – together making up as many as 100 million additional animals. These “uncounted” animals are estimated to be 95% of ALL animals used in science.
    • Because of their friendly demeanor, beagles are the most commonly-used dog in animal testing.
    • The overwhelming majority—as many as 90-95%--of experiments that “work” on animals are unsuccessful in human trials.
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Members of the animal research community want President Biden to create a “stockpile” of nonhuman primates for use in research. Join NAVS in opposing this short-sighted and unnecessary plan:

  • Read NAVS’ letter to the Biden administration opposing the establishment of a monkey “stockpile”
  • Send your own message to President Biden, asking him to say “NO” to this plan.
  • Visit the NAVS Advocacy Center for more ways to make your voice heard TODAY!

How You can Help All Year Long

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  • Donate to NAVS. Your donation will support positive, effective programs that bring us closer to ending animal experimentation – from funding smarter science that will make animal models obsolete, to advancing animal-friendly laws, to supporting the rescue of retired laboratory animals to sanctuaries to live out their lives as nature intended. (DONATE NOW)