Liberation, by K. Aitken

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  • Challenge Outdated Practices: Fund critical initiatives that challenge the status quo of animal use in scientific research and highlight the urgent need for humane alternatives.
  • Promote Ethical Education: Support educational efforts, including the NAVS Humane Science Awards, to inspire and equip the next generation of scientists with non-animal research methods.
  • Advocate for Legislative Change: Propel our advocacy work to promote and secure legislation that protects animals from the unnecessary suffering endured in laboratories.
  • Support Animal Sanctuaries: Provide essential aid to sanctuaries that care for animals retired from laboratory use, ensuring they live out their lives in peace and dignity.

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World Day for Animals in Laboratories is a pivotal moment each year to reflect on the progress we’ve made and the work still ahead. Your donation today supports NAVS in our relentless pursuit of humane, innovative alternatives to animal testing. Together, we are working to transform scientific research and education, ensuring a future where all scientific progress is achieved without animal suffering. Your generosity today makes this vision possible.