NAVS Unveils New Science Curriculum at Educator Conference

Science Conf Pam

In July, NAVS took part in the National Science Teaching Association’s (NSTA’s) National Conference in Chicago. At the conference, NAVS staff members offered information about the humane education resources offered through the BioLEAP program—including classroom grants, the humane solutions catalog of dissection alternatives, and the new 3Rs curriculum we are developing for high school science teachers.

NAVS Science Advisor Dr. Pam Osenkowski was invited to present specifically on NAVS’ new 3Rs curriculum at the conference. The curriculum introduces students to topics pertaining to animal use in scientific research and education and opportunities to implement the 3Rs—replacement, reduction, and refinement—of animal use.

“It was wonderful to have an opportunity to share these new resources with educators at the conference,” says Dr. Osenkowski. “NAVS worked hard to curate content and create engaging modules that make it easier for teachers to have important conversations with their students about how animals are used in science and education today. We want students to learn about new and innovative alternatives to animal use during the earliest stages of their educational journeys.”

NAVS is working with a cross-disciplinary team of teachers, subject matter experts and curriculum developers to design the materials, which are aligned with Next Generation Science Standards and other recognized standards to make it easier for educators to incorporate the learning modules into their lesson plans.

“The materials we presented at the conference were well received,” notes Dr. Osenkowski. “NAVS looks forward to teachers having these resources available to use in their classrooms.”