Sanctuary Spotlight: Texas Capuchin Rescue


Earlier this year, NAVS was contacted by Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation (WRR), a sanctuary in Texas, with an emergency request for assistance.

Responding to a situation that shines a light on the various ways in which animals continue to be exploited in our society, WRR were preparing to rescue and construct a large outdoor enclosure for two elderly capuchins who had spent the last 40 years in a glass container in the waiting room of a dentist’s office. The capuchins were believed to calm the nerves of anxious patients awaiting their dental appointments.

Due to their decades spent in literal isolation, it is not known if the capuchins will be able to integrate with the other capuchins onsite at the sanctuary. They need their own enclosure—but one that is close to the others. WRR hopes that the proximity will allow for eventual integration of these newcomers into the larger group; however much time must be allowed for acclimation. 

Thanks to your continued support, the NAVS Animal Sanctuary Assistance Program was able to issue a generous grant to assist with the construction costs of the new outdoor enclosure. WRR reports that the capuchins are doing great, adjusting well, and love being out in the fresh air!

These animals spent their lives in supposed “service” to the needs of humans–they deserve to spend the remainder of their years enjoying the space and freedom they have long been denied.