Introduction to the 3Rs Principle

High School Curriculum for Exploring Replacement, Reduction, and Refinement of Animal Use

Animal Use in Science: Exploring the 3Rs provides high school teachers with lesson plans, activities, and assessments that introduce the 3Rs Principles for the use of animals in product testing and scientific research: Replacement, Reduction, and Refinement.

All of the materials have been developed with a cross-disciplinary team of instructional designers, teachers, and subject matter experts and are available at no cost to educators. The materials are aligned with Next Generation Science Standards, Common Core, and other nationally recognized standards. View matrix

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Module 1 – Introduction to Animal Use in Science and the 3Rs
Examine the use of animals in scientific research in the United States.

Interactive Module - Interactive Module - Animal Use in Research
Explore the types and numbers of animals used in scientific research

Module 2 – The 3Rs of Scientific Research
Assess the potential impact of the 3Rs principles on scientific research.

Interactive Module - The 3Rs: Replacement, Reduction, and Refinement
Apply the 3Rs of Humane Experimental Technique to animal research

Module 3 – Replacement: Alternatives to Using Animal Models in Testing, Research, and Education
Outline common ways to replace the use of animals in research

Interactive Module - Cell-Based Models: Organoids and Organs-on-Chips
Examine the applications of human cell-based models in research

Module 4 – Reduction and Refinement in Scientific Research
Apply the principles of reduction and refinement to animal research

Module 5 – Experimental Design and Reproducibility
Critique the justification of animal use in scientific studies and validity of research results

Module 6 – Environmental Impact of the 3Rs
Assess the potential positive environmental impact of applying the 3Rs to scientific research

Module 7 – Cosmetic Product Testing on Animals
Examine the historical, regulatory, and legal trends of cosmetic product testing on animals

Module 8 – Legal and Ethical Guidance of the Use of Animals in Scientific Research
Analyze the laws and regulations that guide the use of animals in science in the US