Raising Awareness of Animals Suffering in Laboratories

Changing Hearts and Minds

Through our public education and advocacy efforts, NAVS is bringing about positive solutions that will end, once and for all, the exploitation of animals in society.

As a respected and credible source of information and perspective since 1929, NAVS works to raise awareness of animal suffering in the name of science. Unfortunately, not everyone wants that awareness raised. They’re perfectly happy for animal suffering to remain hidden. 

When the U.S. Department of Agriculture removed, without warning, its Animal Care Search Tool, an online database of animal research undertaken in federally-funded laboratoriesNAVS’ advocates sent thousands of letters to legislators across the country demanding that the government restore access to these public records

You helped NAVS fight back against this move toward secrecy—and we prevailed. Together, we helped ensure the database was restored. 

Victories like this don’t just “happen,” though. They’re the result of years of effort, tens of thousands of voices speaking out, and a desire to see justice for animals in the face of a government-sanctioned and -funded, multi-billion-dollar industry. 

Just a few of the ways in which NAVS raises awareness include: 

Animal Action

Published three times a year, NAVS’ Animal Action magazine provides a comprehensive overview of current issues regarding vivisection—including progress and challenges in advancing humane science and proposed and approved animal protection measures—as well as achievements toward the goal ending animal suffering that have been made possible by NAVS programs. 

Online Advocacy Center

Through our online Advocacy Center, NAVS drafts and submits comments on state and federal legislation, proposed federal agency rulemaking or corporate activities that effect animals. These letters are available through the advocacy center for advocates to send on their own behalf directly to decision-makers. Each year, NAVS advocates send tens of thousands of advocacy emails to help raise awareness of—and to end—animal suffering in the name of science.

Take Action Today 

NAVS’ free advocacy e-newsletter summarizes important federal and state initiatives affecting animals. Supporters are encouraged to “take action” to fight animal suffering by contacting elected officials, policymakers and corporations directly through NAVS’ Advocacy Center.  

Science First

NAVS’ free weekly e-newsletter highlights current innovations in science that can help reduce, refine and—ultimately—replace the use of animals with smarter, more humane solutions. 

NAVS Sanctuary Fund 

Through our Sanctuary Fund, NAVS provides emergency financial assistance to support animals retired from laboratories, as well as those threatened by natural and human-made disasters, such as hurricanes and flooding. 

Art for Animals

NAVS’ annual Art for Animals competition is an opportunity for artists of all skills and ages to help raise awareness of animals suffering in laboratories. Participants create images that inspire others to extend compassion, respect and justice to all animals. Selected Art for Animals submissions appear in print and online messages from NAVS, on greeting cards, and on social media, helping to raise awareness and spread compassion throughout the year. 

Social Media

Through our social media channels—FacebookTwitter and Instagram—NAVS raises awareness of current issues effecting animals in science. Our channels allow NAVS supporters an opportunity to engage in real-time conversations with fellow animal advocates and provide opportunities for advocacy and engagement. Our weekly science blog, Science First, is shared on LinkedIn, and all NAVS videos—including first-person narratives by NAVS/IFER-funded scientists—are housed on our YouTube page.