What Makes NAVS “Great”? This Podcast has the Answer

405 National Anti Vivisection Society Crop

Recently, NAVS Science Advisor Pam Osenkowski, Ph.D., and Program Manager Anna Madsen were guests on the “ Talks With…” podcast, speaking about everything from NAVS’ history to the history of the anti-vivisection movement to NAVS’ current program offerings.

Osenkowski recounted the journey that brought her to NAVS—starting off as a student writing an essay arguing against the use of chimpanzees in research, and ending up as a scientist who got to watch as the advocacy work she’d participated in paid off in legislation banning all testing on chimpanzees.

As the lead on NAVS’ BioLEAP initiative, which was created to help teachers find non-animal dissection models, Madsen told how she has found particular inspiration from the students and teachers she has met during her time at NAVS, each one fighting to remove animal dissection from their schools or working to invent the non-animal research models of tomorrow.

An antidote to negative news stories, the “ Talks With” podcast sheds light on organizations and experts whose work has a positive effect on the world.  By featuring guest speakers from non-profit organizations of every stripe—from voter rights to conservation, and now the anti-vivisection movement!—their goal is to create “a podcast to inform, inspire and uplift.”

The episode, “National Anti-Vivisection Society is Fighting to End Animal Experimentation,” is online now*.

(* One amendment to the podcast: applications for the BioLEAP classroom grant will open in January 2023, not October 2022.)